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Whose Car Is This Anyway? January 30, 2006

Posted by d4ft in Linux & OpenSource.
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Something really strange hapenned to me a while ago… I’ll tell it from the beginning.. Yesterday, I thought I was going to present my current event in Dr. Cox’s class, but I forgot my paper. I called and asked my mom if she could tell the cleaning lady to turn my laptop on (so i could shell into it and print my document.) But i decided that it would take too long for me to explain how (she came to America from Ecuador and could barely understand English.) So i went to lunch and Dr Cox said i could do it tomorrow instead. So i had it printed off when i got home and stapled it to the door(so i wouldn’t forget it when i left for school.) I did remember. But when i opened my locker after entering he school building. I couldn’t find it. (Luckily, Mrs Koser [who droe me to school that day] still hadn’t left yet.) So i went and found her car in the parking lot and proceeded to try to open all of the doors except the back one. (notice: i see my science paper in the middle seat.) When i realized that *all* the doors were locked, I looked around the lower school building for her [no mrs koser to be found :(…] Then i went and checked the back door (it was unlocked.) So i got in, closed the door, and climbed over the back seat to the middle (where my paper was supposed to be.) No paper. But then i looked around in the car… It didn’t look like mrs K’s car… hmmm. Then it hit me. That was NOT HER CAR. I was sooo freaked out. I then promptly exited the car., I checked one more time for mrs koser. She was in the bake sale place. She unlocked HER car’s doors. I got my paper :] And i lived. All WAS HAPPY… EVER AFTER!!!!

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emo song January 30, 2006

Posted by d4ft in Linux & OpenSource.

This is soooo funny!!!! I know everybody’s already but listen to it now!!!

My Podcasts!!! January 20, 2006

Posted by d4ft in Podcasting.

Skip this if you dont care but i f**kin haven’t posted in a long time….


the linux link tech show




Evil Genius Chronicles

Ninja Night School


Radio Freek America

The GNU Linux User Show

AntiMeme Radio

RandomRadio (its DEAD i know: (

Hehe^^ Podcast graphic^^

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On Spying and… Negima? December 21, 2005

Posted by d4ft in Anime, Patriot Act, Politics.
  • arstechnica.com did a commentary on it, So why not me^^
  • The New York Times has recently put out an article on bushs’s eavesdropping on american citizens.

    A year ago, when this information first became known to Times reporters, the Administration argued strongly that writing about this eavesdropping program would give terrorists clues about the vulnerability of their communications and would deprive the government of an effective tool for the protection of the country’s security…

    Reason: big broter still had some cred then… Atleast to some people…

    As we have done before in rare instances when faced with a convincing national security argument, we agreed not to publish at that time.

    A Ha!

    “We also continued reporting, and in the ensuing months two things happened that changed our thinking… Second, in the course of subsequent reporting we satisfied ourselves that we could write about this program — withholding a number of technical details — in a way that would not expose any intelligence-gathering methods or capabilities that are not already on the public record.

    Big bro would really get mad if you tattled.

    “I came out of the room with the full sense that we were dealing with a change in technology but not policy,” Graham said, with new opportunities to intercept overseas calls that passed through U.S. switches.

    Um, all I can say is wow… : (

    Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, telling reporters why Bush didn’t simply ask Congress to pass a law making the program clearly legal: “We’ve had discussions with members of Congress, certain members of Congress, about whether or not we could get an amendment to FISA, and we were advised that that was not likely to be – that was not something we could likely get, certainly not without jeopardizing the existence of the program, and therefore, killing the program.”
    President Bush, answering questions at Monday’s press conference: “We use FISA still….But FISA is for long-term monitoring….There is a difference between detecting so we can prevent, and monitoring. And it’s important to know the distinction between the two….We used the [FISA] process to monitor. But also….we’ve got to be able to detect and prevent.”
    Senator Jay Rockefeller, in a letter to Dick Cheney after being briefed on the program in 2003: “As I reflected on the meeting today, and the future we face, John Poindexter’s TIA project sprung to mind, exacerbating my concern regarding the direction the Administration is moving with regard to security, technology, and surveillance.”

    They still DONT get it!

    This system’s purpose would be to monitor communications and detect would-be terrorists and plots before they happen… This project is not interested in funding “evolutionary” changes in technology, e.g., bit-step improvements to current data mining and storage techniques. Rather, the amount of data that the directors are anticipating (petabytes!) would require massive leaps in technology (and perhaps also some massive leaps in surveillance laws). According to DARPA, such data collection “increases information coverage by an order of magnitude,” and ultimately “requires keeping track of individuals and understanding how they fit into models.”

    Where will I go on this one… First thing, they have NEVER, I mean NEVER caught any terrorist with this techniqque (terrorists are smarter than that) the only guy they ever “caught” is a student asking for a book on communism for a report (hey, i forgot the link) Also, the only thing this is doing is taking away our civil liberties!

    A year after the CALEA passed, the FBI disclosed plans to require the phone companies to build into their infrastructure the capacity to simultaneously wiretap 1 percent of all phone calls in all major U.S. cities. This would represent more than a thousandfold increase over previous levels in the number of phones that could be wiretapped. In previous years, there were only about a thousand court-ordered wiretaps in the United States per year, at the federal, state, and local levels combined. It’s hard to see how the government could even employ enough judges to sign enough wiretap orders to wiretap 1 percent of all our phone calls, much less hire enough federal agents to sit and listen to all that traffic in real time. The only plausible way of processing that amount of traffic is a massive Orwellian application of automated voice recognition technology to sift through it all, searching for interesting keywords or searching for a particular speaker’s voice. If the government doesn’t find the target in the first 1 percent sample, the wiretaps can be shifted over to a different 1 percent until the target is found, or until everyone’s phone line has been checked for subversive traffic. The FBI said they need this capacity to plan for the future. This plan sparked such outrage that it was defeated in Congress. But the mere fact that the FBI even asked for these broad powers is revealing of their agenda.

    N O! This is digital tyranny! Stop it now!

    On the other hand negima is a really good anime ^^


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    CopyRight Hell December 20, 2005

    Posted by d4ft in Copyright, Politics.
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    I would like to bring a couple of issues of peer to peer and Intelectual property to you guys’ (no one) attention. I am going to quote a couple headlines and comment on each one.

    “Analog hole” legislation introduced…

    Calling the ability to convert analog video content to a digital format a “significant technical weakness in content protection,” H.R. 4569 would require all consumer electronics video devices manufactured more than 12 months after the DTCSA is passed to be able to detect and obey a “rights signaling system” that would be used to limit how content is viewed and used. That rights signaling system would consist of two DRM technologies, Video Encoded Invisible Light (VEIL) and Content Generation Management System—Analog (CGMS-A), which would be embedded in broadcasts and other analog video content.
    Under the legislation, all devices sold in the US would fall under the auspices of the DTCSA: it would be illegal to “manufacture, import, offer to the public, provide or otherwise traffic” in such products. It’s a dream-come-true for Hollywood, and in combination with a new broadcast flag legislation (not yet introduced) would strike a near-fatal blow to the long-established right of Fair Use.
    I think this is TOTAL BS once more It gives Way to much control towards the nasty, nasty MPAA and RIAA. I repeat this bill does NOT help the public as copyright was meant to. It is only meant to serve the blind, sick corperations. They’re ideal market is a world of sluggish, tv zombies. I am boycotting such conditions.

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    Current Going onz… December 19, 2005

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    Lately, a lot of political injustices have been going on: Torture by the CIA in Europe, Genocide in Sudan, Tyrannical ruling over HDTV, The Trusted Platform approach with now evil CPU companies such as Intel, AMD, And now even Sun Microsystems. I suspect that there is Governmental bribery in the work of this scarily unpatriotic regimist hellhole invasion of mine and your privacy. On torture; I recently asked and polled some close peoples, one conservative fool and one liberal,

    Conservative: “I trust President (Bush) cause he knows more than us. (wow… makes me feel really great, I WONDERED if there was something good o’l Dubya wasn’t telling us!) “And he’s so ANTI-torture” (since when) “And Saddam DESERVES to be tortured” (i quote. This is total BS. I believe that NO human should be subject to cruel and unusual punishment NO MATTER the circumstance!)

    From the (supposed) liberal: Saddam kind of deserves to be tortured because he tortured other people and also should baby rapers. (now I do not give much sympathy to baby rapers but I stand with my opinion that no human being should be subjected to torture of (any) kind!)

    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
    Benjamin Franklin.