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Current Going onz… December 19, 2005

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Lately, a lot of political injustices have been going on: Torture by the CIA in Europe, Genocide in Sudan, Tyrannical ruling over HDTV, The Trusted Platform approach with now evil CPU companies such as Intel, AMD, And now even Sun Microsystems. I suspect that there is Governmental bribery in the work of this scarily unpatriotic regimist hellhole invasion of mine and your privacy. On torture; I recently asked and polled some close peoples, one conservative fool and one liberal,

Conservative: “I trust President (Bush) cause he knows more than us. (wow… makes me feel really great, I WONDERED if there was something good o’l Dubya wasn’t telling us!) “And he’s so ANTI-torture” (since when) “And Saddam DESERVES to be tortured” (i quote. This is total BS. I believe that NO human should be subject to cruel and unusual punishment NO MATTER the circumstance!)

From the (supposed) liberal: Saddam kind of deserves to be tortured because he tortured other people and also should baby rapers. (now I do not give much sympathy to baby rapers but I stand with my opinion that no human being should be subjected to torture of (any) kind!)

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
Benjamin Franklin.



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