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Whose Car Is This Anyway? January 30, 2006

Posted by d4ft in Linux & OpenSource.
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Something really strange hapenned to me a while ago… I’ll tell it from the beginning.. Yesterday, I thought I was going to present my current event in Dr. Cox’s class, but I forgot my paper. I called and asked my mom if she could tell the cleaning lady to turn my laptop on (so i could shell into it and print my document.) But i decided that it would take too long for me to explain how (she came to America from Ecuador and could barely understand English.) So i went to lunch and Dr Cox said i could do it tomorrow instead. So i had it printed off when i got home and stapled it to the door(so i wouldn’t forget it when i left for school.) I did remember. But when i opened my locker after entering he school building. I couldn’t find it. (Luckily, Mrs Koser [who droe me to school that day] still hadn’t left yet.) So i went and found her car in the parking lot and proceeded to try to open all of the doors except the back one. (notice: i see my science paper in the middle seat.) When i realized that *all* the doors were locked, I looked around the lower school building for her [no mrs koser to be found :(…] Then i went and checked the back door (it was unlocked.) So i got in, closed the door, and climbed over the back seat to the middle (where my paper was supposed to be.) No paper. But then i looked around in the car… It didn’t look like mrs K’s car… hmmm. Then it hit me. That was NOT HER CAR. I was sooo freaked out. I then promptly exited the car., I checked one more time for mrs koser. She was in the bake sale place. She unlocked HER car’s doors. I got my paper :] And i lived. All WAS HAPPY… EVER AFTER!!!!

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emo song January 30, 2006

Posted by d4ft in Linux & OpenSource.

This is soooo funny!!!! I know everybody’s already but listen to it now!!!